Parents Of Autistic Children � Hudson Valley

is the grant awarding arm of Autism Directory Service, Inc.

The mission and goals of ADS/POAC-HV are to have a positive influence on the lives of our special children and young adults with Autism and related disabilities who reside in the Hudson Valley by:
  • Supporting educational programs for our special children by bringing forward new ideas and teaching methodologies to area schools
  • Providing resources and training to teaching staffs and therapists
  • Supporting social and recreational programs for our special children
  • Supporting job coaching and training for our special young adults
  • Strengthening relationships among our schools, parents and communities
  • Providing local school districts with supplies for special needs children
  • Providing parents with grants to defray the costs associated with workshops & conferences

We achieve these goals through the granting of awards to organizations such as:
  • Social Skills Baseball Clinics at Frozen Ropes
  • LaGrange Challenger Bowling & Challenger Little League
  • Social Skills Counseling Group